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"I believe you have within you whatever it takes to be comfortable with yourself "

Rod Lind, M.A., NCC, LPC
Certified in Telementalhealth


I have been in the practice of counseling/psychotherapy now for almost 30 years. I have been fortunate to have worked in a variety of settings with a variety of psychological issues, to include: 2 ½ years as a chemical dependency counselor (which included working with adult parolees and probationers, 11 years at a university counseling center, and 3 years working with soldiers and their families. For the past 2 ½ years I have maintained a virtual only private practice working with a variety of cultures and psychological concerns.

I have studied and applied a broad range of psychotherapeutic modalities, both personally and professionally, to include Psychoanalysis, Cognitive-Behavior, Ego State, Acceptance and Commitment, Family Systems, Internal Family Systems, Coherence Therapy, Hypnosis, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and various modalities within Energy Psychology. Because these modalities, in and of themselves, are not appropriate for everyone, I practice from an integrative perspective.

I have a HIPAA secure/compliant virtual only practice which is limited to individual adults.

From my perspective, having a firm, authentic sense of self is the greatest asset we can have. The relationship we have with our self is the most important relationship we can have because it is that relationship we bring into all other relationships. I believe that you have within you whatever it takes for you to become the person you want to be. To support that, I provide an emotionally safe, respectful, and non-judgmental setting.

In regard to my work with relinquishment and reunion, I am an adoptee in reunion with most of my remaining birth family. I have been privileged to be associated with and directly involved in community organizations such as Adoption Knowledge Affiliates and Support Texas Adoptee Rights. I have learned so much from these involvements. This, coupled with my personal and professional therapeutic experiences, and my studies regarding trauma, disconnection and their repair, I bring a well-rounded perspective to this specialty.

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